About The Network


As the premier multimedia & lifestyle company, DIGITAL SOAPBOX creates the new mainstream culture by connecting podcasting and urban pop culture. Our cross-platform network reaches millions through a mix of award-winning content and unparalleled access to top-tier celebrities and influencer's.

DIGITAL SOAPBOX creates original podcast content covering the categories of true crime, society & culture, gaming and cannabis. We also curate live stream and on demand content.

DIGITAL SOAPBOX was Co-founded by former music executive Norman "Bigg" Steele and influencer Greg "Doggie Diamonds" Lewis. Jerold "Yukmouth" Ellis III of the Luniz chairs the networks creative committee.

For endemic and non-endemic brands aiming to connect with the coveted gaming, cannabis and urban demographic, DIGITAL SOAPBOX offers media strategy and creative services for everything from high-impact display ads to branded videos. We are proud partners of Notorious LLC who handles our distribution and Corporate sales.

"DSN is proud to be home to a host of celebrity influencers. From diverse worlds such as music, social media or acting, many of our host have played iconic roles in classic movies, wrote & performed classic songs, elevated their personal circumstances by utilizing the internet to tell a story that resonated with the world, or they have the uncanny ability to make us laugh. No matter the story, these individuals have truly earned a spot in the hearts of many. Now through DSN, they can tell your brands story.

There is hardly any aspect of modern society that has remained untouched by the digital media revolution. Digital Soapbox is further challenging and disrupting the status quo. Though our content is created to be enjoyed by everyone, We create content that targets generations X and Y of the urban demographic.This demographic thrives off authenticity and that is what we deliver! This community has a powerful 1 Trillion dollars in buying power. If your goal is to reach this demographic, we can integrate your brand into the lives of this coveted segment.

If you are interested in working with Digital Soapbox Network to expand your brands identity, feel free to download our latest media guide. 

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